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Revolution Fabrics

Revolution is inherently stain resistant, while many other performance fabrics use PFC chemicals to achieve cleanability. These chemicals are applied during the finishing process of manufacturing the fabric. In addition to the potential risks associated with PFC chemicals, anytime a finishing or coating is applied to a fabric, it is going to wear off over time. 

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Revolution Fabrics are made of Polypropylene and are inherently stain resistant. Because they are inherently stain resistant, they do not need to have PFC chemicals applied to make them cleanable. 

Revolution is also entirely made in the United States at our mill in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. A majority of textile manufacturing went overseas in the early 2000's but STI (the makers of Revolution) stayed in continuous operation and proud Revolution is 100% made in America. 

Further, Revolution is durable, beautiful and a great value. Visit Revolution Fabrics at

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Crypton Fabrics

Moisture, Odor, and Stain Resistant plus Earth Friendly.  Crypton can be used for home, healthcare and hospitality as well as indoor and outside, too!  Visit Crypton at