What is upholstery and what it is not?

Upholstery is taking a piece of furniture that you love or is really good quality/antique and stripping it down to the frame then rebuilding it using all new products from the springs to the finished cushion (if it has one).  What it is not is taking new fabric and placing it over old fabric/products.

Is upholstery worth the expense?

Upholstery is worth spending money on if:

1.  Your piece is an antique

2.  You just really love it

3.  It has good solid bones (they don't make furniture like they did in the good ole days)

What other expenses will I incur?

Other expenses will include all yard goods from jute webbing, cotton, Dacron, cording, muslin, and burlap.  If you have foam cushions new foam will be an additional expense as well.

What happens to my furniture while being upholstered?

Your furniture is stored in a smoke free, secure environment.  While we have it, we will tear it down and rebuild it using all new products.   Other than your frame, it will be delivered back to you as a new piece of furniture.

Who does the actual work?

We do all work in our shop.  

Do you pick up and deliver?

Absolutely yes in an enclosed vehicle or enclosed trailer.

What if my furniture needs repairs?

We will take care of them.

Can I use home decoratorator fabric for upholstery?

No!  Upholstery fabric is a heavier weight and does not stretch out of shape like home dec. will. 

What is a pattern repeat and will it make a difference in the amount of fabric I need?

A pattern repeat is the distance from the center of a design to the center of the same exact design on fabric both horizontally and vertically.  There are very small repeats and then there are very large repeats.  The size of the repeat will determine if you need additional fabric.

What are performance fabrics?

Performance fabrics are made to last and are stain resistant, odor resistant,and moisture resist. We carry two performance fabrics Crypton and Revolution Fabrics.